14 Apr

NPML has been contacted by Mr Peter Sowerby with an offer to complete the outstanding works on Wegberg Road. 

This is on the proviso that Mr Sowerby gains planning permission for the house to be built on the no mans land area on the west side of Wegberg Road just south of the bridge leading off Nocton Park Road. A previous application was ultimately rejected by the Secretary of State.

NPML have decided not to take a view on this issue as it is something that Mr Sowerby, NKDC and residents of Nocton Park need to resolve between them. 

NPML will support any decision made between the aforementioned parties and offer assistance when and where appropriate.

NPML will forward any factual information to residents, should this be sought and should it be available to directors. However NPML shall not be acting as intermediaries between residents and Mr Sowerby and we would advise residents to contact Mr Sowerby directly for full details on his plans.

* The email will not be published on the website.