Nocton Park Management Limited [NPML] is a company responsible for the management of Nocton Park which includes the amenity areas (tennis courts, netball court, wooded areas, grassed areas and play park) and various roadways around the estate.  

The company is run by a Board of Directors who are voted into their roles by the shareholders of NPML at the annual Annual General Meeting.  The Directors are members of the local community who undertake the necessary work as Directors on a voluntary basis - all their decisions and work is based on the mandate of "...helping to make Nocton Park a better community!...".

The Board currently consists of two directors under the leadership of the Chair of the Board who meet on a regular basis to discuss the strategic aims and long term needs of Nocton Park as well as ensuring that the necessary maintenance and capital investment is undertaken.

The Board are always looking for fellow members of the community to join them on the Board - if you feel you have the right attributes and the time, please have a read of one of the sections of the FAQ which will explain more.

The Board are always happy to answer any questions  - the best way to contact the Directors is through the main email address at

Thank you to all in the community for your support.
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