Helping to make Nocton Park a better community!

Nocton Park Management Limited [NPML] is a company responsible for the management of Nocton Park which includes the amenity areas (tennis courts, netball court, wooded areas, grassed areas and play park) and various roadways around the estate.  

The company is run by a Board of Directors who are voted into their roles by the shareholders of NPML at the annual Annual General Meeting.  The Directors are members of the local community who undertake the necessary work as Directors on a voluntary basis - all their decisions and work is based on the mandate of "...helping to make Nocton Park a better community!...".

The Board currently consists of two directors under the leadership of the Chair of the Board who meet on a regular basis to discuss the strategic aims and long term needs of Nocton Park as well as ensuring that the necessary maintenance and capital investment is undertaken.

The Board are always looking for fellow members of the community to join them on the Board - if you feel you have the right attributes and the time, please have a read of one of the sections of the FAQ which will explain more.

The Board are always happy to answer any questions  - the best way to contact the Directors is through the main email address at

Thank you to all in the community for your support.
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New Director to the Board - Miss Victoria Hewson

The Board of Directors of NPML is pleased to announce the appointment of Miss VICTORIA HEWSON to the Board of NPML through co-option. Miss Hewson's appointment will be presented to the shareholders for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for the summer of 2024. Miss Hewson has been a resident of Nocton Park for many years and thus knows the area well. She is committed to serving the community, managing the resources and to support and carry on the work of the Board on improving the community areas.

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New Director to the Board - Mr Kenny Mabbott

The Board of Directors of NPML is pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. KENNY MABBOTT to the Board of NPML through co-option. Mr. Mabbott's appointment will be presented to the shareholders for ratification at the next Annual General Meeting (AGM) scheduled for the summer of 2024. Mr. Mabbott, a resident of Nocton Park, has expressed his willingness to dedicate his time and efforts to the Board and to serve his local community, with the aim of contributing to the overall improvement of Nocton Park.

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Litter and damage to the amenity area trees

Dear all community, We have recently noticed an increase in litter left in the amenity area, as well as several branches that appear to have been deliberately broken. Additionally, a rope swing was tied to one of the large trees. The Board understands that the amenity area is an attractive spot for the community, especially for children wishing to play. However, we respectfully ask all users to ensure they do not leave any litter behind as this is not only an environmental concern but also a potential safety hazard for other community members and local wildlife. Regarding the rope swing; the Board requests that no swings be attached to the trees in the amenity area. Doing so can damage the trees and pose serious safety risks to both the users of the swing and others who may come into contact with it. Thank you for your understanding and support. Regards, Board of Directors

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Rules and Regulations Section 20.7 Land Agreement

Please note all members of the community of Nocton Park: Under section 20.7 of the agreement between Peter Sowerby Developments and Nocton Park Management Ltd, all successors to the transfer (thus any properties that PS built) must be in "...compliance with and observance of the rules and regulations in respect of the Amenity Land from time to time published by NPML..". Please note the notice that has been published on the 22 May 2024. Any questions please contact the Managing Agent.

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Rules and regulation of the Amenity Land - Allotment Area

Please can all members of the Nocton Park community bereminded of the following long standing rule : that no personshould enter the individual plots on the allotment area of theamenity land without the authority of the Board of Directors ofNPML who have delegated the authority permission to the NoctonPark Allotment Association. Any attempt to enter individual plotswill be a breach of the formal land agreement between PeterSowerby Developments and NPML that all owners of propertyhave formal and contractually agreed through the covenant ontheir property they signed when it was purchased.This does not affect the concessionary right of way on the pathfrom the bridge, straight through the allotments area and ontothe public footpath through either gap in Anglian Water’s fence,or the concessionary right of way turning left from the bridgearound the edge of the Anglian Water compound, and down tojoin the public footpath at the gate.

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Service charge notices to PS Properties - clarification

The Board wishes to assure all PS Properties that the revised Service Charge notifications that went to all PS properties is for information only. For any PS Property that has paid in full early this year, the Board is currently reviewing the process to manage the overpayments. For any PS Property that pays by monthly instalments, the Board would recommend you leave the current payment rate as current and then cancel the payment after the September payment. Any questions at all - please contact the Managing Agent on Many thanks.

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Revised Service Charge for PS Properties following court decision

Following a decision by the Court following a claim by two individuals, NPML have sent out revised 2024 Service Charge notifications to all Peter Sowerby Properties. The Court found that the area currently leased to the Nocton Park Allotment Association should be reflected in the Service Charge for the Peter Sowerby Properties and it deemed that a 33% reduction in the service charge for the Peter Sowerby properties is appropriate. This will have a major impact on the finances of NPML and the Board is having to review the maintenance and investment plans for the amenity areas. The court decision was only for the PS Properties but a full statement to the shareholders will be sent out shortly.

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Tennis Courts - rubbish clear and dog waste

We wanted to update the community on the tennis court work. We have now cleared the tennis courts of the rubbish and detritus. This was undertaken by one of our directors in her own time. We have also replaced the tennis nets and hope that these can be looked after. We have found numerous examples of dog mess - we would please and firmly ask that no dogs are allowed on the courts as this creates a health hazard for the community for any mess.

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First cut of the grass by the new contractor

The new grass and tree contractor has started and undertaken the first full cut across the amenity areas. The first cut was not as short as some people hoped but we had to ensure that the grass wasn't damaged by the first cut of the season. We have arranged regular dates with the contractor and will do our best to keep up with the very quick growing grass across the spring, summer and autumn.

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Update on grass cutting

The Board wanted to update the Community on the start of the new grass cutting contract for 2024. The contractors are in today (26 March) and have started the specific works. They are also undertaking some minor tree work and so have agreed to come back this weekend to finish the grass work. We wanted the first cut to be careful not to damage grass and thus it will take a few cuts to get it to the right level without damaging the grass and weather dependant.

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Potholes on community roads in Nocton Park

The Board wanted to reassure the Community that we are currently seeking quotes from local contractors in regards to reviewing and fixing the potholes on some the community roads in Nocton Park. Once we know more we will ensure that the community is made aware.

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Grass Cutting 2024

The Board wish to give all the community an update of the grass cutting for the amenity and pathway areas for 2024. We had aimed to start the grass cutting last week but due the water logged grass and condition, it was felt that the cutting of the grass would then would damage the condition of the grass and it was pushed back. We can confirm that we are aiming to start the grass cutting next week (w/c 25 March) and then weather depending it is hoped it will be as regular was needed rising to fortnightly in the warmer months. Any queries please do not hesitate to contact the Managing Agent.

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New tennis nets

We have been able to replace the damaged tennis nets and will be arranging for the tennis courts to be fully swept and cleared in due course. Please can all the community be vigilant for any damage on the nets as the previous ones which were replaced had been vandalised unfortunately.

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New nets on the football goals

The Board wish to let the community aware that a new set of nets in the football goal posts. We are hoping that these are not damaged as he tennis nets were when replaced. If you see anyone damaging the nets, or see any damage please let our Managing Agent know so action can be taken. Please note that while the nets had to be paid for, the installation was done without any cost. Many thanks.

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Grass cutting on the estate

The Board wanted to update the community on the grass cutting for 2024. We have appointed a new contractor after a tender project and the new contractor will start the grass cuts in the next week hopefully. It was hoped that a first cut would be this week (w/c 04 March) but it was far too wet and would have damaged the grass. Please can we ask if there are comments on the grass cutting or any queries these are sent to our Managing Agent - not to the grass cutting contractor. This allows any issues to be managed properly. Many thanks.

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Warning to the person sending abusive and harassing emails

The Board wish to issue a formal warning to the person who has sent abusive and malicious emails through this website to the Board and Managing Agent. The abuse has been reported to the Police as well as the meta data of the person who accessed the website.

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Further update on the Play Park Project

Following the update provided by the Board on the 11 July 2023, the Directors would like to provide further information. Following a review by the contractor, the Board have seen extensive evidence of the turf taking root, and while the aesthetic look may take longer than hoped, they are confident that the turf in time will come to fit in with the remaining grassed area. The Board also wish to ensure the community are aware that a significant planned element of the new layout is the playground now has far better disabled access - this ensures that the playground is available for all, irrespective of mobility. The Board are also aware that there has been some damage and removal of some turf - they are aware of the persons responsible. The Directors wish to politely but firmly ask the community to not to attempt to remove or damage any area to ensure the area can be enjoyed by all.

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Play park and new flooring

Following the most recent stage of the Play Park Project, the Board appreciates that the recent work has possibly not been as effective or the standard as was hoped. We can confirm the contractor was chosen after being highly recommend to NPML. The Board and the Managing Agent are investigating the issue and will update all in due course as to what actions will be taken. The Board fully appreciates the frustration the playground flooring issuing has caused and can assure the community that the Board and Managing Agent will ensure it is rectified. In regard to the fence, this was removed after a safety inspection by a RoSPA authorised safety inspector stated that the fence was a safety hazard and that it should be removed. We can confirm that all the safety issues highlighted by the safety inspector have been rectified.

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Roads and the maintenance by NPML

As the community will be aware, as part of the Board's Works Programme, the roads in and around Nocton Park have been sprayed for weed growth and then swept by a commercial road sweeper. This was to ensure that the maintenance of these roads was brought up to date. The Board does appreciate these works have prompted some questions within the community, and the Board wishes to answer these. One issue that has been raised is: why weren't the adopted roads sprayed and swept? The Board wishes to remind you that for the adopted roads; NPML does not have the necessary permission or licence from the Highways Department at Lincolnshire County Council to undertake any work on the roads or pathways. Should NPML undertake this work, not only would the cost and liability rest with NPML but Highways may object strongly and issue proceedings. The responsibility for the adopted roads lies with the Highways Department. Thus, even if the Board wanted to undertake the works on these adopted roads, we could not as it may put the liability on NPML and cause unnecessary legal complications. The Board does appreciate that previous Boards, Agents and Contractors may have undertaken works on adopted roads - and while the Board do not wish to comment on these actions, the current Board take their legal responsibility seriously, and also they feel it would be inappropriate to use NPML funds for works for which they have no responsibility and may cause future problems. The Board does empathise with the frustration of the owners of properties around the adopted roads, and the Directors feel that these property owners should contact the Highways Department to question why the work has not been done, when the work will be done and what future plans there are to ensure the works are done. To conclude, the Board also wishes to respond to some owners of properties on unadopted roads who feel that the roads outside their homes have not been maintained. Unfortunately the design and size of some road areas meant that the large road sweeper was not able to attend, turn or move which meant that the contractor was unable to cover every part of every road. The Board will look to review this issue when future unadopted road maintenance is planned. Thank you to the community for your support.

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Annual General Meeting - NPML 10 August 2023

The Board wish to give notice to all shareholders of NPML that they are calling an AGM (as required by statute) on the 10 August 2023 at 6pm at the Nocton Hub. The formal notice letter and email to shareholders will be sent today with the details of the proposed agenda and invitation for shareholders to nominate any persons for the role of director. The agenda and proxy forms will be sent towards the end of July 2023. The Board do wish to confirm that following a decision by the shareholders in 2021 non-shareholders can attend the AGM but will not be entitled to vote, and with the permission and discretion of the Chair can ask limited questions.

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Road weed spraying and road sweeping on unadopted roads

The Board would like to confirm that they have agreed that following a review of the unadopted roads on NP, they have arranged for the unadopted roads to be sprayed with weedkiller on the 14 June 2023 and then the unadopted roads to be fully swept by a commercial roadsweeper on the 28 June. To ensure that as much of the roadway can be maintained, can we ask that cars are not left on the roads in NP from 9am to 5pm on those days. This is is also to ensure that no cars are at risk of any damage from these activities.

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Playground work on the amenity area

Following a full safety and operational use review by a RoSPA authorised safety inspector and a full report, the Board have fully reviewed the report and work has been agreed to commence. The fencing of the playground will be removed (as it was deemed not necessary) and the bark will be removed. The flooring area will then be levelled and new turf placed around all the area currently covered by bark. We have been advised that turfing is perfectly safe for the playground area but for additional safety there will be rubber matting at the ends of some of the play ground equipment. Whilst the Board appreciates this is a big change to the way the playground area will look, they feel that it is the best for not only safety but also for long term maintenance. It will be added to the area that our normal grass cutting contractor will maintain. If any of the community of NP wishes to have the wooden fencing or the bark please let the Managing Agent know.

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Successful defence by NPML of contractor claim in court

The Board wishes to make the shareholders and community aware that they have successfully defended a claim by a former contractor in Lincoln County Court. The District Judge agreed that the claim had no basis as the actual grounds and substantial elements had not be proven. The Judge therefore threw the case out. The Board had tried on numerous occasions to offer a fair settlement 'as a goodwill gesture' to stop any costs or resources being used but this was rejected by the claimant. The Board then had no alternative but to defend the claim - a defence which was supposed by evidence and ultimately successful.

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Clarification of wording for the former Peter Sowerby Service Charge demands

Following on from the various issues raised by some PS properties in regard to the wording of the Service Charge demands recently received, and the wording for the 2022 and the initial 2023 Notices, the Board wished to offer some clarity.  The Directors fully appreciate that some of the PS Property Owners have wished for clarification. Following very helpful clarification and suggestion from HM Court, the Board reviewed the specific wording of the Notices and have issued amended documents to all PS Property owners - either by email (if the email address has been provided) or by post.  The wording on the Notices for 2022 and initially in 2023 is what the Board felt represented what they did for the community - in that they are managing the Nocton Park amenity area estate and the needs of the remaining Park which they are responsible for. There was no suggestion or stipulation that it was for anything else. The Board have decided that the specific section of the original covenant signed by the Board of NPML and the initial developer (the covenant also applies to the successors - i.e., the subsequent purchasers of the houses that the developer built) will be quoted on the demands - this was specifically and very clearly suggested by the Court in a recent case.  As some have asked if there will be any further changes to the service charge demands in 2024, the Board can confirm that unless any legal advice is received to the contrary, the 2024 demands which will be sent out in early January 2024 will state as follows: NOTICE OF SERVICE CHARGE FOR 2024 As specified in the Deed of Covenant on your property (s1.1 and s1.2) which states the contractual commitments and permissions of each party and was agreed by the current property owner as successors of the original covenant agreement. The Board, appreciate the concern some property owners in the PS area of Nocton Park may have felt, and hope that this issue can now be put behind everyone and the Board can continue to focus on the betterment of the whole community. For note - the scanned document has been uploaded to the NPML Articles section of this website.

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Clarity on the recent Court case

Following on from a recent court case involving one of the members of the community, the Board wishes to clarify some inaccuracies and ensure the community is fully aware of the actual facts of the matter, and to give some context. The Board first wish to ensure the Community is aware of a recent social media update from a 'Chris Alexander' , and the fact that this name is an alias for a member of the community who has a history of making unfounded allegations, rumours and causing the community much angst whilst not being willing to be honest about who they are. The Board encourages conversation, but it should be able to expect to deal with actual people - not people who hide behind an anonymous shield. The conversation should be non-confrontational and courteous, without unfounded assertions or allegations. The Board work very hard for the community - all the community including the PS properties - and should not have to deal with abuse, threats or unfounded allegations. The Board has a legal and fiduciary obligation to ensure that all members of the community who have a legal contractual convent on their property pay their legal commitment.  If any properties do not pay, the Board will do their upmost to encourage payment, offering payment plans and as much discretion as possible.  But there is a line when the Board have no option but to take the debt collection to a Court for them to make an order.  This is only done after at least four or even five opportunities are given for payment.  If the Board does not ensure that properties pay their obligation, then eventually NPML will be in the same financially perilous position it was when the new Board and Managing Agent took over in September 2021.  At that point there was in excess of £10k owed in service charges - this had a devastating effect on the ability of the Board to pay for the much needed maintenance and capital investment.  At that point NPML was heading for insolvency. On joining the Board the current Directors had to take this perilous position seriously and had to ensure all that properties paid their contractual obligation, and by doing so this debt level was reduced from in excess of £10k to around £1,300 by the end of 2022.  This has allowed the Board to authorise the much-needed work on the playground, ensure the much loved walnut tree in the Akrotiri Square was cared for, and to start the major work on the Park boundaries, including tree management and the forthcoming clean-up of the ditch which runs across the amenity land. If the Board permit one property to neglect their financial obligation to NPML, then it would take a very short period of time for all properties to think they can ignore their obligation and before long the whole company of NPML, and thus the managed areas would fall into disrepair and left completely unmanaged. I am sure the community would agree this is not the option that the vast majority of the community would want. The Directors do wish to clarify and make the following point very clear - the decision to take someone to court is made very reluctantly and it is the absolute last port of call. Regarding the recent court case against a PS Property Owner, the suggestions that the Judge made various threats (about sending the Managing Agent to prison), that it was a fraudulent claim, that the defence was successful, that the Judge agreed with the defendant in totality - are not correct, they are preposterous and an attempt to besmirch the Board and Managing Agent.  The Judge did thank the Managing Agent for the honest evidence on multiple occasions. The District Judge did make various comments to the Defendant that he did have an option to pay on numerous occasions the amount due (which the defendant has always agreed but chose never to pay - yet enjoyed the use of the amenity area for the last year) and that it was very unfortunate that this dispute has ended up in court. Whilst the Judge did clarify what the formal demand should say and what it shouldn't, which the Managing Agent agreed was the best way forward, it was made clear to the defendant that he should pay the service charge at the earliest opportunity and could have done so over the last year. If this had been paid, then all of this unfortunate episode would not have had to happen. The Managing Agent or Board were not directed or instructed by the Judge, nor was any threat made - he did make some suggestions as to the best way forward and clarified the following: 1. The formal demand should say 'Service Charge'  2. The formal demand should say as follows:  'as per the Deed of Covenant section 1.1 and section 1.2' - this the contractual commitment of each party of the deed of covenant signed upon purchase of the property.  This contract section states that the charge is for the use of the community amenity area and the requirement to pay the service charge which is due annually.  He did clarify that the formal demand does not have to state 'for the use of the amenity land' as this was implied in the contractual terms. The decision to withdraw the claim was the professional decision of the Managing Agent in order to ensure that the Board could follow the suggestions of the Judge.  This allowed all parties, both the Board and the defendant to reflect upon the Judge's suggestions and proceed as was recommended. The Board will never shy away from undertaking its obligations to ensure that NPML remains financial secure.  The Directors are very pleased and proud that in 2022 and early 2023, more properties paid their service charge than ever before, there are fewer than ever properties in debt for the service charge account, more residents have expressed their satisfaction than ever before and there has been a big reduction in complaints.  While the Board does recognise that there are some members of the community who have expressed their dissatisfaction with some decisions of the Board, the vast majority of the community are supportive on the endeavours who recognise the significant work being done for the betterment of the whole of Nocton Park. The Directors wish to thank everyone for their support and look forward to a harmonious community relationship with all.

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1. What is the Nocton Park Management Ltd (NPML) and what do they do?

  • Nocton Park Management Limited is a company limited by shareholders capital which was set up to manage the former RAF estate when it was de-commissioned.   The company is owned by its shareholders – each property that was in existence as part of the old RAF base owns one share of NPML and the owners of the property have a right to vote at an AGM or EGM.
  • The company owns the blocks of flats as well as the amenity lands around the Park and is run by a Board of Directors who are voted in by the shareholders of NPML at an AGM or EGM, or are co-opted onto the Board by the Directors.
  • The Board of Directors, who are registered at Companies House, have a legal and fiduciary duty to run NPML for the interests of the shareholders and the community as a whole.  They have to ensure that the health & safety, financial interests and the operational requirements of Nocton Park are met to at least the legal minimum standard.
  • The Board of Directors also appoint the Managing Agent to run NPML on a day to day basis.

2. What areas of Nocton Park do NPML manage and have responsibility for?

  • NPML primarily have a legal responsibility for protecting and maintaining the amenity areas and the block of flats.   This includes ensuring that the areas such as the tennis courts, netball court, the wooded areas, the grassed areas and the playpark are inspected regularly and that any maintenance required is managed.   This also includes the large-scale grass cutting of the grassed areas as well as the management of the trees in the Park, both with or without Tree Protection Orders.  
  • The final areas that NPML manage and provide is the streetlighting on the original roads of the former RAF base.The areas of responsibilities also ensure that the external areas of the flats are maintained and the communal areas of the blocks of flats are cleaned and decorated when needed.  The requisite insurance for the flats buildings is managed by NPML as well as any regular capital maintenance on the physical buildings.
  • They also have a duty to maintain the roads around the properties that existed on the community when the old RAF base was de-commissioned.   The remaining roads, particularly around the properties on the Peter Sowerby Developments, are not under the obligation of NPML.   These are the responsibility of Peter Sowerby Developments and they should be maintained by this company.

3. Who is on the Board of Directors on NPML? 

There are currently (as at August 2023) two directors on the Board of NPML. They are:

  • Mrs Alison Cooke – Chair of the Board of Directors
  • Mrs Julie Wallhead

4. What do the Board of Directors do?

The Board of Directors have a legal responsibility under various pieces of legislation, including the Companies Act 1985, the Companies Act 2006 and various other smaller legislation.

The main responsibilities are:
  1. That the company operated within it’s Articles of Association (it’s own internal reason for being and its internal rules)
  2. To exercise independent judgement, reasonable care and skill for the better of the company
  3. They have to ensure that the Company operates within the law and does not do anything that would damage the company, the shareholder’s interests or the community to which it serves.
  4. They have to ensure that the company operates within its financial means and does not allow the company to become insolvent.
  5. That it holds a regular Annual General Meeting and manages the regular re-appointment or appointment of Directors of the Board
  6. That as a Board, they ensure that each Director is not-disqualified from acting in the role of a Director or has a non-declared conflict of interest
  7. That the company submits the required documents to Companies House for examination by the general public
  8. Overall, the duties of the Directors are to ensure the company is run to the best of its ability and that it is (as much as possible) a success in the management of Nocton Park for the benefit of its shareholders and the wider community of Nocton Park.

 5. If I want join the Board of Directors, what qualifications or experience do I need and how do I join?
  1. To be a director of NPML, you don’t need to have any formal qualifications or specific experience – just a strong commitment to be part of a team to help the Nocton Park Community.  Any previous experience of either property management, building or horticultural is obviously a great benefit but overall all you need to have is some spare time to attend Board meetings (either held online or face face) and help with some day to day minor issues that the Board need to attend to.  

There are two main routes to joining the Board of Directors:

  1. Apply to become a director through a nomination at the Annual General Meeting.   This will require you to be nominated by at least two shareholders.  The nomination is then put forward at the AGM and is voted upon by the shareholders by a simple majority
  2. Apply to become a director through the co-option route.   This requires a formal application to be made to the current Board of Directors who will decide on your suitability.  A formal vote will then be had by the current Board of Directors and if they agree you will be formally invited to join the Board.

  1. In regard to both routes, before you become a director you will need to confirm that there is no legal stipulation that prohibits you becoming a director of a company.

6. What are the differences of in the Nocton Park between different properties?

There are three different types of properties in Nocton Park in regard to the operational management. The three different types are:

  1. Shareholder properties – these are properties that were on Nocton Park when the area was a previous RAF base.  These properties have a share in the Nocton Park Management Company and are entitled to vote at AGM and EGMs.   They are required to pay an annual Estate Management Charge which is set the Board of Directors.   These properties are at Akrotiri Square, Khormaksar Drive, Fayid Lane, Steamer Point Road, Wegberg Road, Habbaniya Rise and Rostrop Road. 

  1. Shareholder Flats – these are leasehold flats that were also on Nocton Park when the area was a previous RAF base.  These properties have a share in the Nocton Park Management Company and are entitled to vote at AGM and EGMs.  The freehold of the property is owned by NPML but each have a private lease owner.  The flats are the Hallside and Woodside Flats – both on Khormaksar Drive.  They are required to pay an annual Service Charge which is set by the Board of Directors.

  1. Former Peter Sowerby Development Properties - these are properties that were built since the former RAF base was decommissioned and sold off.  These properties were built by the developer but while they are on Nocton Park, they do not have any shareholding of NPML nor do they have any right to vote at any formal NPML meeting.  They are required to pay an annual Service Charge which any rise from the previous year is contractually limited by the Retail Price Index percentage of the previous year.   The properties are on Bridleway Close, Chestnut Close, Nocton Park Road, Woodland Drive and Holly Close.

7. Who is the Managing Agent of the Board and what do they do?

  1. The Managing Agent is SR Baxter Business Consulting who manage the day to day issues of the operational side of the Nocton Park on behalf of the Board of Directors.   They have a wealth of experience in managing properties and are fully insured, qualified in accountancy and have significant knowledge of contract management.
  2. They are the main contact for the community and contractors but operate under the direction of the Board.  They are responsible for ensuring that the Health and Safety issues are managed and also ensuring that the properties on the Nocton Park meet their legal and financial commitments, and provide legal, financial and strategic advice to the Board.
  3. All major decisions on operational issues in Nocton Park are made by the Board but then are organised, reviewed and managed by the Managing Agent.
  4. They are the first point of contact for any queries by the community – the contact email is:

8. What is the yearly Service Charge for and how is it calculated?
  • The yearly service charge is the contractually agreed payment that all properties in Nocton Park have formally agreed to as part of the covenant on their property to pay towards the protection and management of the estate and amenity areas of Nocton Park. 
  • The yearly service charge for the properties is calculated by the Board of Directors towards the end of the previous year using the Office of National Statistics’ data on the Retail Price Index (RPI).  The usual process is that the Board will use the RPI of November of the previous year which is published in December but the Board do reserve the right, as in 2022, that they may use the annual average if they feel the RPI for November is disproportionally and unusually high.
  • The total annual charges that each type of properties pay in Nocton Park for 2023 is as follows:
          - Shareholder properties:                                                  £   321.75
- Shareholder Leased Flats: £1,087.83*
- Former Peter Sowerby development properties: £ 167.89

*The Flat  pay an additional Charge on top of the shareholder service charge for the maintenance, insurance and provision of works on the flats which is included in their liability.

9.  In regard to Peter Sowerby Development properties,  what is the position in regard to invoices?

  • The annual Service Charge is a contractual charge made by NPML because of the liability as agreed when the property owner signed the Deed of Covenant which relates to the original covenant signed by the developer and the original owner (under section 1.1 and section 1.2)
  • NPML’s previous managing Agents have all been limited companies. They gathered in the fees and paid them into their client bank accounts. As limited companies they had to raise invoices for tax purposes.  NPML however collect the charges directly into its own account and so this is not necessary.
  • The TP1 says VAT, if applicable, should be duly invoiced. As the notice NPML issues is a notice of a yearly service charge and not chargeable goods or services then VAT is not applicable, so no invoice is necessary.  It was clarified in Court that the 'invoice' is implied by the Notice of Demand 
  • NPML’s notices of the annual service charge clearly refer back to your covenant/TP1 which defines what you are paying for and to whom, so no further elaboration on the Notice is necessary.
  • In summary, the Service Charge is a contractual charge made by NPML and paid but the property owner because of the Deed of Covenant/TP1, in consideration for the use of the amenity land and protection of the estate. 

10. What does the Board of Directors do with the annual Service Charges that the properties in Nocton Park have to pay?

  1. The funds that are collected from all properties in Nocton Park are used for the protection of the Estate and for the benefit and protection of the Amenity Land.   The funds collected solely for the benefit of the whole estate to allow the Board of Directors to be able to ensure that proper maintenance and capital investment can be undertaken and to ensure the company can be run properly, professionally and for the needs of the community.

11. Why do I have to pay the yearly Service Charge?
  1. Every property on Nocton Park, as part of the initial house purchase, agrees to a covenant to pay an annual Service Charge (for flats there is an additional Service Charge).
  2. The covenant is legally agreed contract between the property owner (or the lease owner in regard to flats) and the Board of Directors of NPML.    The covenant requires the property owner to pay the requested amount of charges by a certain date as detailed by section 20.1 of the TPI
  3. If the financial covenants aren’t adhered to, it would have big effect on the ability of the Board to look after the whole Park including the amenity areas.

12. What happens if I do not pay or can’t afford to pay the yearly Service Charges?

  1. The Board have duty on behalf of the shareholders and the community of Nocton Park to ensure that all properties in Nocton Park pay their obligated amount to ensure they have sufficient funds to undertake the necessary maintenance and capital investment.
  2. The Board would ask any member of the community who may be struggling to pay their covenant obligations to contact the Managing Agent at the earliest opportunity so that the Board can consider what help it can offer.  
  3. Whilst the Board will always be as accommodating as possible for persons who are struggling to pay the yearly Service Charge, they do have legal duty to ensure all contractual charges are paid and thus they may consider as a last resort in extreme cases to seek court action to ensure funds are paid. 

13. How does the Board decide what works projects it undertakes and how does Board decide on each contractor for the necessary work?

  1. The Board continually reviews the priorities of Nocton Park to ensure that the urgent needs are met as a priority.  As the current Board have only been in the role for four months, they are still assessing the current and urgent needs to ensure that health & safety is prioritised.  They have now started to review what the medium and long term needs of Nocton Park – both for general maintenance as well as formal capital investment.
  2. In regard to choosing contractors for works, the Board will then pass to the Managing Agent the work specification needed to be undertaken.
  3. As the Managing Agent is responsible for contacting prospective contractors for any work, he will then seek appropriate contractors and invite them to place a quote or estimate, or in the case of a very large contract a formal tender.   Once at least 2-3 quotes or tenders have been received (if possible), the Managing Agent will then submit these to the Board for a decision.  The decision is not just based on cost – although this is a very important element.  The additional aspects such as quality of work, references and the impact of the work on Nocton Park.  They may also consider the timeframe of the work undertaken.    Overall the most important element is the value for money as it is the community’s funds that is being used. 
  4. Once the contractor have been chosen, the Managing Agent will then liaise with the contractor in regard to the actual works and report back to the Board when everything is completed.  The Board will also seek to ensure the community is aware.

14. What areas of Nocton Park am I entitled to use as a resident of Nocton Park?

  1. All residents of Nocton Park can use all the facilities on Nocton Park including the tennis courts, net ball court, grasslands, wooded area and the playpark.  The upkeep and maintenance of these are paid for through the Estate Management Charges funds that all properties contribute and thus the Board would invite all the community to enjoy the facilities.

15.  In regard to the allotments on Nocton Park, how do I get an allotment if I wanted one?

  1. There is a set of allotments on Nocton Park for the community to use.   Whilst the allotments are on Nocton Park, they are run by the Nocton Park Allotment Association, not NPML.
  2. If you wish to apply for one, please contact the Nocton Park Allotments Association.   Further details of who to contact can be supplied for upon request.

16. If I have a question about a particular issue that needs attention in the Park, who do I contact and by what means?

  1. For any queries on the day to day issues, the Managing Agent has responsibility, as delegated from the Board of Directors, and thus he is the first point of contact.  If the issue is not urgent, please email details of the issue to or if there is a degree of urgency please contact the Managing Agent on 07814443058.

17. If I have a question or query about the running of Nocton Park for the Board, how do I pose the question to the Board?

  1. The Board of Directors welcome any communication from residents of the community of Nocton Park and will happily answer any questions.
  2. If you wish to ask the Board any questions, please will you forward the question to the Managing Agent on the following address:  Please be assured that all requests or questions placed for the attention to the Board are passed to them for their note and reply.  The Board will respond as quick as possible but please be patient as all the Directors do work full time as there may be a slight delay. 

18. Do the Board intend to have community meetings in the village where members of the community can speak to the directors in person?  If so, when?

  1. The Boards may decide to hold future community meetings at the Nocton Hub to give all the community of Nocton Park to ask questions of the Board and Management Agent.  
  2. The Board held the AGM in October 2022 and all members of the community were invited.
  3. The Board will welcome any queries placed to them through the normal email address and all queries received the Board will review and provide an answer as much as they can but just ask for patience as all the Directors work full time.
  4. The Board have agreed that the Frequently Asked Questions page will be regularly updated and will ensure that any regular questions from the community will be added to ensure that all the community can receive answers to questions they may have in addition.

The attachment is the DRAFT REPORT on the Board Meeting of 14 December 2023.

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This attachment is the draft minutes reviewed by the Board but will only be approved at the next AGM in 2024.

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Report in to the discussions of the Board on the 03 May 2023

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2022 DRAFT Accounts for NPML - these will be presented to the shareholders at the AGM for their approval before they are submitted to Companies House

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Report in to the discussions of the Board

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The report on the Board Meeting of NPML.

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Please find attached the DRAFT Minutes for the AGM on the 24 October 2022

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Please find attached the Report from the Board Meeting on the 04 April 2022

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Please find the papers for the AGM of NPML on the 24 October 2022 at 7pm

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Please find attached the minutes of the EGM of the 28 September 2022.

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Please find attached the the Board Meeting Report.

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Please find attached the Board Meeting report.

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Dyke clearance project

The Board are delighted to show the results from the dyke project which involved clearing a significant area of the dyke from overgrown trees and overgrowth. The result was that the dyke is now clear which not only looks better, but will be better for the drainage of the area and local wildlife.

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This is a copy the original covenant agreement between Peter Sowerby Developments and the Board of NPML for the area to which PS originally owned which was dated 05 May 2005. This is the legal document (specifically s1.1. and 1.2) that is enforceable on all current former PS property owners (as owner successors of the original land) and require them to pay the perpetual yearly service charge

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Covid-19 Community Fund Scheme - Part 2

New Netball posts and line markings

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Street Lights

32 Street Lights Looked After by NPML

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Tennis Courts

The area around the tennis courts has been cleaned up!

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Peter Sowerby Plot 72A

Plot 72A on the area west of Wegberg Bridge

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Facelift For Gardens To The Front Of The Flats

The gardens and communal area at the front of the Woodside Flats on Khormaksar Road are undergoing a well needed facelift.

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Tennis Courts Re-Open Apr-21

Broken Glass shuts Tennis Courts for a week.

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Covid-19 Community Fund Scheme

NPML are looking to improve the Nocton Park MUGA and add some new line markings

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Resurfacing of Roads on Nocton Park

NPML are looking at prices for resurfacing the roads on Nocton Park.

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Play Park and Amenity Land

Maintaining The Amenity Land.

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Wegberg Bridge

Making the Bridge safe of residents.

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NPML General Data Protection Regulations 2018 Policy

The GDPR Policy was agreed by the Board to ensure that all parties are aware of the approach and procedures for the protection of data held by the Board

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NPML Retention & Disposal of Data and Documents Policy

The Board agreed this policy in regard to the approach the Board will take in regard to the retention of the data and documents held by NPML

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NPML Debt Management Policy

The policy was agreed at the AGM on the 24 October 2022 and details the procedures that NPML will follow in regard to any unpaid charges or debts owed to the company.

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